In this recent time, kitchen palys important role related to interior design. There are many kinds of kitchen design that actually always change from time to time. Several kitchen designs follow some costume design that match with the current condition or style. Further, the function of kitchen is also changed;

The things that come up to your mind once you think about kitchen are that kitchen is clean, tidy, comfortable, and having kitchen bar for relaxing. Those are some expectation toward kitchen by some people. However, not every home has the best kitchen design as they do not know how

One of many important stuffs in kitchen is cabinet. It plays as the storage in the kitchen. Without cabinet as the storage, a kitchen may become messy and dirty as well. Adding some cabinets in kitchen is not always favorable if you cannot set them is the right way. There

In the most up to date version of kitchen design, adding kitchen bar is one of popular choice among people. It strengthens the idea that kitchen is not only the place for cooking, but you can also relax and enjoy food in the kitchen. Realizing these new functions, then people

Open kitchen needs good furniture for dining room sets. Dining room set consist of dining table, kitchen chair, table top, kitchen cabinet, table top rack, etc. Kitchen chairs now has many shape and design. We have option for choosing kitchen chair. Choosing kitchen chair must be point by the kitchen

White is identic with clean. You can put some adorable white furniture in your amazing kitchen. One of them is kitchen island. Through this article, we will discuss about adorable white kitchen island to make clean sense. You can put a letter L of whitewooden kitchen island in the center

Decorating a kitchen with table is a good idea. The table can be multifunctional. You are free to use the table in any way you like. You may use it as a dining table or as an additional space for cooking. If your kitchen is small, then I suggest you