A shower can be more comfortable and functional if you complete it with a bench. A small bench even has been able to bring greater comfort and functionality into the shower. While showering, you can sit comfortably on the bench. Bench with certain design can even add storage space in

Bathroom vanity has many functions. You need a vanity in your bathroom for brushing your teeth, washing your hands and face, dressing up, etc. Small vanity is even already functional. Vanity also serves as a decorative item that can enhance the look of a bathroom. The first picture shows a

Vanity can make your bathroom more functional. You bathroom can even become more attractive with the presence of a vanity. If you want to make your bathroom more beautiful and warmer, then I suggest you to install a rustic vanity. Look at the displayed pictures of rustic bathroom vanities. They

Nothing is more enjoyable than soaking in a bathtub. While cleaning the body, you can lie down comfortably. A bathroom with bathtub even can look more luxurious. It certainly will give great value to the bathroom. The main topic of this article is about small bathtubs. If you feel that

Beige is a color that depicts neutrality and calm feelings. Many designers love to make a bathroom using beige color scheme. With beige color scheme, you bathroom can radiates restful feelings and quiet atmosphere. If you want to know how beige bathrooms look like, simply have a look at our

Bathroom is the place that suppose to be very clean, tidy, and comfortable because it is the place for cleaning. Dirty bathroom is not healthy anyway, but messy bathroom is even the worst one because it will disturb you and even bother your mood. You have to keep your bathroom

Yellow color is fun and playful. The use of yellow tone in our bathroom aims for bathing activity that can be so fun, playful, positive energy boosting, and reenergize. Modern minimalist bathroom has a simple design. Simple can be turn to elegant or cute one. Here some ideas to design

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